Return to Sport/Activity

We are pleased to present the following documents regarding our response to the COVID-19 Pandemic:

•Return to Sport Plan for BC Blind Sports

This document includes our return to sport and program plans. It outlines some of the ways return to sport may be different than return to other activities and what permissions will need to be in place. We also have included information about the impact of COVID-19 on athletes and participants who are blind or partially sighted as well as information on modified guiding and instruction techniques which can be used for physical activity. We encourage other provincial sport organizations who have athletes who are blind or partially sighted to consider use of these modified guiding and instruction techniques, and we would be pleased to support you in personalizing this by sport and individual athlete. Each individual and organization using this plan should consider their own situation and the inherent risks of sport involvement in making their decision to return to sport – and what that looks like for them. This document applies to all of our programs.
Download the Return to Sport Plan (.pdf)
Download the Return to Sport Plan (.doc)

•Return to Work Plan

This document outlines our return to work plan, and was updated March 1, 2021. This document applies to all of our programs and covers staff as well as volunteers. Please note that our office moved in March 2021 to #606-4980 Kingsway, Burnaby, V5H 4K7, however staff are still working partially remotely so please do not drop in un-announced.
Download the Return to Work Plan (.pdf)
Download the Return to Work Plan (.doc)

•Goalball Return to Play

This document outlines the return to goalball plan. It will be used in conjunction with the above two plans.
Download the Goalball Return to Play Plan (.pdf)
Download the Goalball Return to Play Plan (.doc)


Summary of Notices:

Outlined below are the updates and member notices that have been released to date.

Return to Work – Update March 1, 2021 (.pdf)

Return to Sport Plan and Goalball Return to Play plans announced – August 25, 2020

Return to Work Plan – July 31, 2020

Return to Sport/Activity Update – June 16, 2020

Return to programs and sport – June 10, 2020

Update to Members – June 9, 2020

Programing and Contact Information During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic – April 8, 2020


Other Information:

Mike Lonergan developed and released a series of skills and games for members to use to help develop and maintain skill levels and fitness during self-isolation. These are still important until we are able to get to our sport programs. Try these out!


You can continue to contact us as follows:

Phone: 604 321-1638
Toll Free Phone: 1 877 604-8638

Yours sincerely,
Jane, Mike David, and Susan
The BC Blind Sports Staff